The tools in this category help you get feedback from users about the reasons for their behavior on your site. They can be used to understand the process of thinking and behavioral reactions when visiting your site. Here are five top quality optimization tools:

Qualaroo is a poll tool on the website itself that allows you to gather visitors' reviews in real time. The tool helps you understand why visitors are leaving the site, confusing or not realizing themselves as customers. For this reason, real-time surveys are a key tool for optimizing your site. allows you to watch recorded videos of visitors who are trying to perform the specific tasks you have asked them to do. These recorded sessions allow you to deepen the thoughts and behaviors of people when visiting the site. This feedback can provide you with any ideas for optimizing your site.

Inspectlet allows you to save the session to each user on the website. Although you do not get a record of a specific task, as with, this method is much cheaper and can be used on a large part of the audience. The visitor's path through the website and its behavior shown by mouse movements can give you insights into how visitors use and navigate through your site. Observations on this process will provide you with insights into which websites should focus your optimization efforts first.

SurveyMonkey lets you explore users who are registered on your site to get feedback on how the website meets their needs and what can be improved. Email polls allow you to ask more in-depth questions and connect to the same group of users to accurately track the optimization results over time. Although this type of research lacks the nature of real-time research, they are very valuable for creating sustainable optimization of your site.

Feng-GUI uses thousands of eye tracking analytics to analyze the page layout for the level of visual focus and attention. Check out where visitors are focusing on your landing pages to make sure they pay attention to what you want them to see. This is a great tool for removing distractions, and thereby improving the percentage of customers.