It has long been known that Bulgaria is more famous for its red wines than for white wines. Besides the region around Shumen and the northern Black Sea coast, which are really excellent for white varieties, our country has always been the red one. Our organization is engaged in exporting Bulgarian wine to European Union countries - Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Denmark and etc.

I'm not saying any things that are discovery or deeply unknown. But it is a fact that the producers of southern Bulgaria are about to change this vision and, as is evident from this tasting, there are already one and two brands that can be recognized as good wines on the Bulgarian white market. And he, by the way, has expanded surprisingly over the last five years. Even against the background of the overall hyper-stagnation in consumption of white wine, growth is noticeable, at the expense of red, reported traders.

Our tasting of white blends (and some varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Viñie) from the 2009 harvest in Bulgaria outlined several interesting accents:

  • The pint g / joj from Bulgaria has been surprisingly enjoying a great deal of tribute.
  • As a stand alone but mostly in a coupage (we have three wines in whose blend
  • Quantum by Domain Boyar, Halla and Mezzek of Katarzina);
  • Another, to a very recently unknown variety, viy, is also "in the spotlight", we must admit the good results he gives on Bulgarian soil (Cycle of the Minkov Brothers); - Semiion, the classical partner of the Sauvignon Blana (see Cloudy Bay, Stern's wine, etc.), is already appearing in the couples from Bulgaria (Victory of VC Russe, TriCycle of the Minkov Brothers and the White Carpe Diem of Katarzina) But from this they only earn. I mean, that the Sauvignon blauna as a separate variety is rather inconclusive for now in Bulgaria.
  • The couples with my beloved Bulgarian white variety - mušket, are starting to rediscover, and these are very charming, everyday wines (the white metaphor of the +359 series of Villa Hissar and the White Rug of Katargina).